Credit Card cloning isn’t tough 🕵🏻

A single device can easily clone into your RFID / NFC cards 💳. Credit Card cloning is very easy today.
In credit cards, NFC Forum Type 4 is widely used, in Visa, MasterCard etc. These cards operate on 13.56 MHz frequency and have a range of up to 10 cm but have advanced security options.
🚫 Credit Card skimming isn’t new, here I have designed a very own Card reader using Arduino and MFRC522 RFID Reader module which can break in any RFID tag.
We tried and found that Credit Cards can only be cloned via swiping, unlike access cards which can be cloned with a single tap.

⚠ Also you can see a readymade ACR 122U NFC reader, which also has the same capabilities of cloning and modifying the data in MIFARE CLASSIC 1K/4K Cards – RFID.
This information is just 1% out of our module 14 – ATM, DEBIT, CREDIT Card Investigation 🤯

PS: Next Time you use your credit card, remember, that the Tap on Pay functionality is still more secure than swiping your card.