Using of Insulation Resistance Tester TY6045

Preparations of Insulation Resistance Tester TY6045

Insulation Resistance Tester TY6045
  1. Make sure the pointer is at ∞ position
  2. Put the test leads into the terminals
  3. Make sure the battery is full of power, if the indicator becomes less bright or dark. Please change the battery, if external power is needed. Please choose voltage-stabilized source of DCV 9V with current more than 500mA
    Notes: please if there is naked parts of external to avoid shock
  4. Check the test leads. Push the test button and make the circuit short and the pointer should pass from the ∞ to zero
    Notes: do not press the test button when there is voltage in the circuit.

AV test

  1. Make sure the test button is not pressed
  2. Put the test leads into the two end of the voltage
  3. Read the results


Insulation resistance test

Notes: To avoid the electric shock, do not touch the head of test leads and the tested circuit, Turn off the power of the tested circuit.

  1. Use the test leads to connect the instrument and the circuit.
  2. Read the voltage first and make it shows 0.
  3. Push the  test button and read the results
    Notes: If long time is needes to observe the results, turn anti-clockwise the button and it locks to provides continues use. Once the test is done , turn and reset the test button.
  4. The light button can be used if it is dark for operation
  5. If the tested resistance is less the 2MΩ, there will be alarm to remind
  6. After testing there has remaining capacitance in the circuit and it needs some time to discharge them.

HFE withstand voltage test

  1. Connect the hfe to the tester
  2. Push the button and read. directly BV (V) and it is the hfe withstand voltage.
  3. The max withstand voltage is 500V.


  1. Do not open the back cover and make sure it is installed well before testing
  2. Take the test leads off the turn off the power before  changing the battery
  3. Take the battery out if long time no use